The Book of Boba Fett S1

February 15, 2022

He’s No good to me dead

Boba Fett, 1983

Ever since I was a kid taken to see The Empire Strikes Back at the cinema, aged just 8 years old, one character, who had extremely little screen time, held me captivated, as he has done for thousands of others. The menacing, masked form of the bounty hunter, known as Boba Fett, stood watching over proceedings before having his prey of Han Solo frozen in Carbonite and loaded upon his ship, formerly known as Slave-1. Even George Lucas doesn’t understand why he is so popular. Fett only had 4 lines of dialogue and ended up killed! (Major spoiler…..turns out he didn’t!).

The character, famous in his blue jumpsuit and Mandalorian armour soon became a cult hit and remains on of the most famous and loved Star Wars characters ever.  Played by the British actor Jeremy Bulloch (1945-2020), who actually just played the physical character, but still spent a lifetime going to conventions to meet the fans, which he adored to do, right up until his sad passing.  

At the end of the second season of the Mandalorian, we see Boba Fett (Temeura Morrison) sitting on the throne in Jabba’s Palace. We were then left for a whole year to find out how get got there. 
The series itself is a mix of current day situation, mixed with flashbacks of how Fett was still able to be alive, and his escape from the mighty depths of the Sarlacc. This is interspersed during the first few episodes of character building. Some may have found this boring, but I really enjoyed  it.  We travel with Fett as he walks alone in the scorching desert, burning under the hot sun and gets taken captive by the feared Tusken Raiders. We are then treated to more character development of not only Fett, as we see him grow as a person, but also an insight into the lives of the Tuskens, who have only really appeared to us (in the films at least) as primitive race who just hunt to kill. We are led, very nicely, into their world and begin to understand their culture and ways. They teach him defence and attack techniques as well as finding water on a planet that is nothing but desert.

Boba Fett and Fennec Shand on his throne
Fett being shown how to fight with a Gaffi stick

Not only are we introduced to the Tuskens, we are introduced to their family structures. Their  fiercest warrior is female, teaching Boba the ways and uses of a gaffi stick. One not to be reckoned with, she does not hold back in giving Fett a butt kicking where needed. Fett also befriends a Tusken young king in the tribe and soon becomes one, in an imitation ceremony where he goes off into the desert to bring back a certain branch, and forges his own Gaffi stick. 

Fett talking to the Tusken tribe chief

As the series continues, we are introduced to other tribes on Tatooine, as well as spice smuggling ring run by the Pykes, an off world species. They have been running a hover train through the desert sands, killing Tusken’s who get too close. Fett helps the Tuskens to destroy the hover train, which opens up to the main feud which has to be resolved during the series.

We are also introduced to some familiar faces, in the form of the Hutts. These are Jabba’s cousins and enter, very Roman Emperor-esque on a giant platform carried by human slaves. The Hutts lay claim to Jabba’s estate, and even sent the Wookie bounty hunter Black Krrsantan after him, but come to an agreement with Boba Fett and Fennec to go offworkd and leave it to him, as it’s too dangerous and they don’t want war, with the various tribes in-fighting and the Pyke Syndicate running the spice trade. 

Also introduced is another familiar creature, in the form of a Rancor. A new rancor is brought the the palace, as it had been deemed a sign of fear amongst the tribes, so returning one to the palace would give an edge to the rule of Fett. The new keeper is also a well known cameo by “Machete” aka Danny Trejo.  It much is done with the rancor, at least at the beginning. Boba Fett does, however, make it clear he would love to learn to ride it. 

The Mandalorian Returns

We knew it must have been coming, especially as in the end of episode 4 we are teased with Fennec Shand telling Boba Fett that help is always there, just need to know where to  look, followed by the episode fading out to the theme tune of The Mandalorian. Sure enough, the next episode is entirely centred on our favourite bounty hunter as he has picked up where he left off with collecting bounties and eventually comes back to Tatooine on a transport  to secure a new ship. Many fans said that ironically the best episode so far in the Book of Boba Fett didn’t actually feature Fett himself! We are taken to a HALO ring, where the Mandalorian Armourer (Emily Swallow Interview)  and fellow Mandalorian Viszla (Jon Favreau) are hiding out. Djarin is given some training and duel practice using the dark sabre, and given the advice he is fighting against it, when he informs The Armourer that is gets heavier. She queries how he got the Beskar soear and he offers it to her, where w she then forges a gift from beskar for the youngling Grogu. However, upon re-asserting their allegiance, Mando informs her that he has taken his helmet off in public and is immediately told he is Mandalorian no more. He leaves to go to Tatooine.

Peli Motto, played by Amy Sedaris

It’s back on Tatooine where Djarin visits his friend Peli Motto (Amy Sedaris) who informs him she’s found the perfect replacement for his destroyed “Razorquest”. She removes some tarpaulin to reveal a wreck of what was once a Naboo N1 star fighter. She promises him that she can fix it up like new, and enlists some Jawas to get parts for her. We then see them fixing it up,  and I could imagine “Greased Lightning” playing in the background. 

Once it has been fixed up, Din Djarin takes it for spin and comes up against 2 X-Wing fighters, one of which is the pilot, Teva, who he’d bumped into in season 1 of The Mandalorian. In this instance though, upon being asked questions, he flips the switch on his sublight thrusters and disappears as the N1 back to Tatooine. It is here, upon landing, he is reunited with Fennec Shand, who informs him of the help needed. He tells her to tell Fett that there is no charge. 

Grogu staring in awe at the glow of Luke’s lightsaber as he trains with the Jedi Master
Luke and Grogu practising meditation and Jedi training
Luke training Grogu, with a visual taking us back to Luke’s training with Yoda

Episode 6 brings so much nostalgia to old and new Star Wars fans alike.  The episode opens in a desert town, looking like a Western of old. Members of the Pyke Syndicate are meeting by some vaporators, and confronted by yet another face from The Mandalorian, Cobb Vanth. In typical western showdown, he shows them he is the Marshall and shoots 3 of the 4 Pyke’s as they go to shoot him, leaving the 4th to leave town. 

We are then transported to the world of the Jedi where Din Djarin has flown in his N1 straighter. He lands on a flat sources in the midst of a forest, having been guided down by R2D2. Din asks R2 where Luke is, saying he needs to see him. R2 goes into a shutdown mode, frustrating our hero, so he goes off in search and stumbles across several ant droids assembling what we know to be the Jedi Temple. He talks to them, asking for Skywalker but they just built him a bench to sit on and carry on their work. He surmises that it will be a long wait then. 

We are then taken to another part of the world where Grogu is in meditation with Luke. Grogu uses the force to levitate a frog from the grasses and into his mouth. Luke sees this, although appears to have been in meditation and persuades Grogu to let the frog go. Luke then raises his hand, lifting all the frogs from the grass, much to the awe of Grogu. 

Back with Djarin and he is sat on the bench, when he is startled by the presence of Ahsoka Tano who introduces herself as on old family friend. They discuss Grogu and Din’s desire to see him, and Tano explains how that would be bad for him, as Grogu has strong attachment to Din and misses him. Din gives her the wrapped gift made for Grogu and reluctantly leaves. 

Back to Jedi training and we are in a scene reminiscent of The Empire Strikes Back, with Luke in the woods, carrying a rucksack but instead of Yoda, he has Grogu. We see Grogu progress and learn through the force. Ahsoka gives Luke the gift, saying that the Mandalorian had been.

Meanwhile, Din Djarin has flown back to Tatooine to Freetown, where he meets up with Cobb Vanth again. Reminding him how well they fought, he persuades Vanth to join him and Boba Fett in fighting the Pyke Syndicate. 

Cad Bain

After Din has left, again, much like an old Clint Eastwood movie, or any spaghetti western, we see the outline of  a stranger walking in, wide brimmed hat gives it away to those who have seen Clone Wars. It is the unmistakable outline of villain Cad Bane. He comes in, swaggering like the proverbial Western bad guy, telling Vance he shouldn’t side with Boba Fett and that he should allow trade to continue. 

Vanth refuses and a duel occurs, with Cad Bain shooting Vanth first, leaving him to fall to the ground, for his friend to rush out. 


We then see Luke and Grogu sat opposite each other, with Luke showing Grogu the Beskar chain Mail vest which has been made for him. He tells Grogu he must decide, either to be a youngling and follow the Mandalorian or a Jedi, explaining that time for Grogu goes a lot slower than for others and if he wants to be a Jedi, he can never see Din Djarin again. 

Luke and Grogu practising meditation and Jedi training

In the Name of Honor - Episode 7

The episode opens in Mos Espa, with Boba Fett and Fennec Shand . They are are soon joined by Din Djarin and some of the Mods. Din informs them that he spoke to  Vanth of Freetown, who is raising some fighters to assist in the fight against the Pyke Syndicate in exchange for the end of the spice trade.

Meanwhile, Cad Bane arrives in Mos Eisley to report back to the Pyke in charge of the Syndicate’s operations on Tatooine, who is staying in the Desert Survey Office with the deposed mayor of Mos Espa. Bane assures his client and the mayor that they needn’t worry about Freetown getting involved anytime soon, with a hint of menace. 

We are then shown an X-Wing with red decals approaching Mos Eisley and is lands in Peli Motto’s hangar. She instructs her droids to hide various things around the pad as she thinks it’s an Alliance patrol.  However, the hatch opens and reveals Grogu, with the fighter being flown by R2-D2, who asks where Djarin is, to which Motto responds that he’s not here, as he has a job in Mos Espa. Motto then picks up Grogu and gives him a cuddle, noticing he is wearing a chainmail vest.

In the ruins of the Sanctuary, Fennec Shand tells Boba Fett and Djarin that their people are in position with the two Gamorrean guards at the star port, Krrsantan in front of city hall, and the Mods in the Worker’s District. They take up position as Fett exits to meet with the visitor, Bane, gleefully (as gleefull as Bane can be) insinuates that he killed Vanth. Cad Bane then tells Fett that  it was the Syndicate that murdered the Tusken tribe, not the Nikto speed bikers

Once he’s gone, Drash calls in on the comms and reports that the locals have turned on them despite the treaty and that they are all under attack. Fett attempts to touch base with Krrsantan, who is fighting the Trandoshan family in the city center and winning, until they fully overpower him and we are left seeing him go down under a mob.  The Gamorreans try to contact Fett, but are pushed off a cliff by the members of the Klatoonian family. (These deaths hit me hard, as no one seemed to are about them and they were loyal and valiant right to the end). 

Fett confirms where the  Syndicate’s base is in Mos Eisley sends Fennec Shand to confront them.

The Syndicate begins to move into position around the Sanctuary, cutting off Boba Fett and Din Djarin, who refuses to leave as it would go against his creed; Fett does the same, on the basis of honor. The Twi’lek volunteers to go out and try to speak to the Pykes and negotiate for their freedom and surrender on Fett’s behalf, Fett agrees and writes out his terms on a pad.

He emerges before the Pyke soldiers gathered in front of the Sanctuary and reads out the terms , which are revealed to instead be a threat. The Pykes go to kill the Twi’Lek but, Fett and Djarin soar in on their jetpacks and begin to gun the Syndicate down.

Fett and Djarin take down many of the Syndicate on their own. However, the numbers prove to be too much even for them and multiple blaster shots from different angles start to take them down, even with their Beskar armour. 

We suddenly find reinforcements arrive in the form of the people from Freetown in a large armored speeder.

Things escalate when two Scorpenek droids appear, unable to be stopped even by Fett’s missiles due to powerful deflector shields. The armored vehicle they’d been using for cover is destroyed, forcing them all to run.

Motto arrives on scene in a droid-driven cart and calls out to Djarin, but is quick to turn around upon spotting the Scorpenek. Djarin and Grogu are reunited in a sweet reunion, with Grogu jumping into his arms. As things turn bad again, we hear a roar, which turns out to be a rancor, ridden by Boba Fett from the Palace (most of us had forgotten about the Rancor!).

The rancor faces off against the Scorpenek and manages to severely damage its shielding, allowing Djarin to approach from behind and break inside with the Darksaber. He makes it to the top of the droid, slicing off one gun turret, but is knocked off. Before it can crush him, Grogu uses the Force to pull out a bolt from the droid’s leg, causing it to collapse and giving Fett’s rancor time to finish tearing it apart.

With one Scorpenek down, Fett and the rancor arrive to rescue the others. The remaining Pykes are sent into retreat under fire from Motto, the Freetown garrison and the Mods. Fett and the rancor fight off other Pykes, but Bane arrives and scares the rancor with fire from his vambraces, causing it to throw Fett and flee. The two square off.


Boba Fett tells Cad Bain that he won’t abandon the city and its people, as they are his. Bane tries to goad Fett by mentioning the Tuskens, teasing him that he wasn’t there for them and remarks that despite his age, he’s still faster, armor or not. With swift shots, Bane takes Fett down and pins him to the ground, calling him a killer just like his father was. He rips Fett’s helmet off, but before he can shoot Fett knocks him away with his Gaffi stick. Fett then knocks Bane over and impales him, leaving him  dead on the street.


In the rest of the city, the rancor continues to rampage. People shoot but Djarin calls them to stand down, as it is just making it more scared. It climbs a tower, with direct imagery to King Kong. Djarin tries to take control of the rancor himself by landing on its back and taking hold of the chains, but instead throws him off and, after being unable to eat him due to his beskar armor, throws him to the ground.

Grogu escapes from Motto’s grasp and uses the Force to  calms it down and sends it to sleep before curling up beside it and doing the same.


Over in Mos Eisley’s Desert Survey Office, the Syndicate enforcer states they will soon be able to leave as their forces will be with them soon. However, the Pyke leader points out that half his people have been gunned down or eaten by a rancor and arguments start as he declares the terms of their agreement have been broken., however, before they can argue further, we hear gunshots which put them on high alert.

It is Fennec. She takes out all the conspirators one by one, leaving none alive.

The scene returns to Mos Espa with Boba Fett  and Fennec Shand walking the streets, which the citizens are working together to fix and clear. Many stop to bow and greet him, all of which he returns. Fett laments having to move his right arm, but states his bacta tank is in use when Shand tells him to take a soak. Shand points out that he should be glad they bow to him, rather than shooting at him.


Djarin’s starfighter departs from Tatooine with Grogu in the small pod seat built from the droid bay in the ship. Like a child, he taps the glass dome, which Djarin responds to with a ”no”. Grogu repeats this several times, trying to get his “dad’s attention until Djarin finally agrees for what he says is the last time— he flicks a switch, putting the ship into sublight speed as Grogu squeals in delight.


My overall rating

4.5 Stars - brilliant show, some tacky and sill ideas though

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