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Elkhorn Interview: Jeff Dujardin discusses playing the Marquis de Mores

Chris May 3, 2024

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I sat down to chat with Jeff DuJardin who discusses his role as the Marquis de Mores in the TV show Elkhorn. We discuss the character’s motivations, his relationship with Theodore Roosevelt, and the dynamics of the show. Jeff describes the Marquis as ambitious, loyal, and cultured. Jeff.talks about the challenges of portraying a character with a believable French accent and the research he did to understand the Marquis. The conversation also touches on the chemistry between the characters, the allure of the Wild West setting, and the writing and character development in the show. Jeff hints at the escalating tensions between the Marquis and Theodore Roosevelt in future episodes.

The Marquis de Mores is an ambitious, loyal, and cultured character in the TV show Elkhorn.
Jeff DuJardin prepared for the role by doing research and drawing upon his own background.
The Marquis and Theodore Roosevelt have a complex relationship, with tensions escalating throughout the show.
The appeal of Westerns lies in the freedom and nostalgia associated with that era.
Future episodes of Elkhorn promise to deliver more intense and dramatic moments between the characters.

Sound Bites
“The Marquis de Mores is ambitious, loyal, and cultured.”
 “The Marquis has to think outside the box now that Theodore is here.”
 “The Marquis and his wife Medora are like a powerful and driven couple.”

00:00 Introduction and Background
03:01 The Intriguing Character of the Marquis de Mores
06:12 The Chemistry and Allure of Elkhorn’s Wild West Setting
11:01 Escalating Tensions: The Marquis vs. Theodore Roosevelt
31:03 Future Episodes and Conclusion

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