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From Roswell to Elkhorn Ashton Solecki’s Acting Evolution

Chris May 26, 2024

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I welcomed back Ashton Solecki to discusses her role as Medora in the TV show Elkhorn and the character’s complex motivations. She talks about the chemistry between the cast members and the strong bond they have. Ashton also shares her personal connection to the setting of the show, as she grew up near the real town of Medora. She highlights the importance of portraying historical characters with nuance and explores the love story between Medora and the Marquis. The conversation also touches on the power dynamics and tension between the characters in the show. In this part of the conversation, Ashton and Chris discuss the relationship between Medora and Rosie in the show Elkhorn. They speculate on why Medora takes an interest in Rosie and how their dynamic evolves throughout the season. They also talk about the challenges of filming in heavy costumes and the extreme weather conditions on set. Ashton shares her experience of understanding her character, Medora, and the growth she experienced as an actor during the filming process. In this final part of the conversation, Chris and Ashton discuss Chris’s experience filming a torture scene and the challenges of becoming an overnight success in the entertainment industry. They also talk about the importance of enjoying the journey and not just focusing on the end goal. The conversation then takes a lighthearted turn as they share their impressions of various characters and discuss Ashton’s upcoming projects. They end the conversation with a humorous discussion about Ashton’s recent encounter with mice in her house.

The cast of Elkhorn has a strong bond and great chemistry.
Portraying historical characters requires nuance and understanding.
Medora and the Marquis have a complex love story.
The show explores power dynamics and tension between characters. The relationship between Madora and Rosie in Elkhorn is a central theme in the show.
Madora takes an interest in Rosie because she sees herself in her and wants to mentor her.
Filming in heavy costumes and extreme weather conditions was challenging for the cast.
Ashton gained a deeper understanding of her character, Madora, as she worked with the other actors on set.
Acting is a challenging career that requires dedication and perseverance. The entertainment industry can involve challenging and uncomfortable experiences, such as filming intense scenes like torture.
Becoming an overnight success often requires years of hard work and perseverance.
It’s important to enjoy the journey and focus on doing good work, rather than solely chasing success.
Impressions can be a fun and impressive talent, but not everyone has the ability to do them.
Ashton has an upcoming project called ‘The Darkness Returns,’ which is a supernatural horror meets psychological thriller.
Ashton had a recent experience with mice in her house, which she handled with compassion and a catch-and-release approach.

00:00 Introduction and Favorite Guest
01:30 Elkhorn and the Excitement of Release
05:00 Medora’s Character and Historical Context
06:33 Chemistry with Jeff Fahey and Playing Off Each Other
08:00 Medora’s Role as the Money and Love Story with the Marquis
09:39 Playing a Real Person and Finding Medora’s Character
11:11 The Dinner Scene and Strong Personalities
12:58 Medora’s Sweet Side and Love for Family
14:06 Balancing Social Acceptability and Inner Thoughts
15:29 Tension and Power Dynamics in the Show
21:29 Challenges of Filming in Heavy Costumes and Extreme Weather
25:19 Understanding and Developing the Character of Madora
29:06 The Rewards and Challenges of an Acting Career
36:51 Navigating Challenging Scenes and the Path to Success in the Entertainment Industry
38:57 Finding Joy in the Journey and Doing Good Work
41:01 Impressions and Upcoming Projects
48:38 Dealing with Mice in the House: A Humorous Encounter

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