The Story Behind Hellblazerbiz

In 2015, a TV show called Constantine aired via NBC. It was a great show, based on the DC comics character of the same name, known as the Hellblazer. The show was, sadly, short lived with only 13 episodes made and Chris was part of the fandom determined to get it renewed. He found he could not express his thoughts via the limited Twitter characters, so he decided to make some short “podcasts” giving motivation and urging the fandom on to not give up. Through this, he made friends with someone who actually worked on the show in production and brought her on to chat and answer questions fans had. He loved doing this and was told he did a great job, so reached out to supporting cast members and got one of 2 on. It then snowballed and eventually the entire main cast, including Matt Ryan, who played Constantine, came on to chat. Chris loved doing this and feedback was great, so he expanded to all shows, actors, filmmakers. He really took keen interest in supporting indie film makers too, and over the years has befriended many, attending and sometimes even being the MC at their premieres. 7 years on and Hellblazerbiz continues to grow.

Meet Your Host

Chris has always been into sci-fi, fantasy genres. He enjoys nothing more than sitting back and watching a good film or tv show. However, he also loves to read, as his imagination creates that entire world of words and he can be lost for hours. His favourite franchise is Star Wars. 

Chris G

What People Say

“Thoroughly enjoy watching Chris Gordon’s interviews and always look forward to the next one.”
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Gavin Rasmussen
“Great show. Nice work guys”
Mark Busby
Film Distriubtion
“ Intelligent, in-depth interview show featuring respected professionals from all areas of pop culture, from filmmakers to performers and more. The level of research and professionalism is staggering. A really insightful listen.‘
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Beyond the Boxset
“My colleagues and clients all say how they love working with you”
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Amanda Lencina
Senior Publicist
“ Fantastic show with a top class host. So well presented and very addictive!‘
Theme Park Films
“You made me feel so relaxed. You should do this professionally”
Ivana Baquero
Actress/Former Guest