Cobra Kai interview with the All Valley Tournament Committee! **S4 SPOILERS**

I am rejoined by Cara Annmarie, Matt Lewis, Kurt Yue and welcome Brian Troxell who joined the cast in season 4. We talk about season 4, the fun of being a part of the cast, funny stories, talk about their excellent colleague Keith Arthur Bolden (Darryl) who couldn’t make the…Read more

“Fan Pass Live” founder Robert Rositano Jr talks to me about the new platform

The difficulties and setbacks independent artists face when it comes to revenue, recognition and more were exacerbated by the pandemic last year.  Today, Fan Pass Live is making it easier for artists and stars to connect with their fans.  Now, artists have control and freedom over the content they share…Read more
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Reviews of some of my favourite shows and films, with guest reviews

The Book of Boba Fett S1

He’s No good to me dead Boba Fett, The Empire Strikes Back Tweet Boba Fett, 1983 Ever since I was a kid taken to see The Empire Strikes Back at the cinema, aged just 8…