Jacob’s loyalty to his Commanding Officer Hilt makes him feel duty bound to hide a devastating truth from his wife Louise.

With the discovery of Hilt’s murdered body on a plot of land caught in a power struggle between property developer Marcus Clancy and ruthless entrepreneur Brannigan Woods, Jacob is drawn into the lives of several suspects, all with secrets of their own and all connected in some way to the seductive Dr. Audrey Grey.

Who can you trust when the truth is buried beneath a landscape of lies?”

This is the synopsis of the new film Landscape of Lies which has its world premiere on January 18th in London. Starring Andrea McClean, Danny Midwinter, Andre Nightingale, Anna Passey and Marc Bannerman, this is a hard hitting film which deals with many social issues at the moment – PTSD and mental health. However, this film has been going since 2011, so was ahead of its time in these topics! In this conversation, we chat about the film, the cast, the trials of making independent film as well as a lot of laughs and fun. 

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