Rob Dukes is a Midlands born actor, residing in London. From his early days, he showed talent in the arts and has a love of both music and acting, being an accomplished trumpet player…something he shares with this presenter (albeit remove the accomplished for me as it was 15 years ago since I last really played!) 

Rob is currently in the multi award winning WW2 short film by Patrick Ryder called The Code. I’ve had the pleasure of watching this film twice now, and also presenting and hosting the Q&A at the London screening in September. Rob’s career is going from strength to strength and it is easy to see why. He has a presence which oozes charisma and having seen his work on screen, I can confirm the acting talent. It’s an honour to know Rob, who is always willing to help and promote others as well as himself. Take note of his name as it is one you will be seeing a lot of!

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