Justin Melnick is a man with a fascinating career. He has spent time as a police officer as well as a combat photographer out in Afghanistan. He has experienced the horror of war as well as the toughness of the streets in his time as a cop. It was in this job that he teamed with his best friend, Dita. Melnick was brought onto SEAL Team as a consultant, but after a couple times of bringing his own equipment in, as the show didn’t have the right stuff, he was asked by a producer if he would play the canine handler in the team. He has since not looked back, becoming a weekly regular and being fed more lines as the show, and himself as an actor, develops. In his own words, he has the most amazing teachers. Sit back and enjoy my chat with this lovely guy who is overjoyed to be where he is and doing what he does without knowing he is a fan favourite!

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