SEAL Team is, in my opinion, the hottest TV show out there. I have said also that I believe it is a modern Band of Brothers. Neil Brown Jr is no stranger to the screen. With many credits to his name in hit shows such as CSI:Cyber, NCIS LA, films like Battlefield Los Angeles and his excellent portrayal in award winning Straight Outta Compton, Neil is one of the most versatile and dedicated actors out there and a deeply spiritual soul. A stickler for perfection, Neil throws everything into each role, as he explains in the interview. In SEAL Team, as Ray Perry, Neil plays the grounded one of the team, the one who remains level headed…which is why, when he starts to walk down the path of faith, as he puts it, people are genuinely worried for him. As Bravo 2, he is always on form and never wants to let anyone down, even if he is suffering himself. I hope you all enjoy this chat with Neil Brown Jr.

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