I am joined on this episode by Henry Hereford & Nadia Jordan to talk about their latest film For the Love of George. Nadia is not only the lead actress in the film, she also wrote and produced the film. Based on the concept of a jilted wife, Poppy (Nadia) flees London to stay with her friend in LA (the delightful Rex Lee) with a firm plan – to meet George Clooney and get him to fall in love with her. We follow Poppy and her antic in a fun film, with some genuine laughs. Henry plays Stephen, Poppy’s cheating husband. Despite his unfaithfulness, you do find yourself empathising with him in the film. Some great performances all round, won for me by Rex Lee. Sit back and listen to my chat with the gorgeous and talented Nadia and the talented and fun Henry as we talk about the film, acting in general and supporting independent film.

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