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“Red Dead Redemption” artist Kaili Vernoff talks to me about her career & gaming

Chris March 7, 2019

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Listen to "”Red Dead Redemption” artist Kaili Vernoff talks to me about her career & gaming" on Spreaker.

Best known for her illustrious work in films such as SWEET LOWDOWN, THE CURSE OF THE JADE SCORPION, and hit series including Hulu’s “The Path,” and Netflix’s “House of Cards,” we would love to arrange an insightful and entertaining interview with you and seasoned actor Kaili Vernoff to discuss her stellar career, as well as her newest projects, including her part in the global smash hit video game RED DEAD REDEMPTION II.

Developed by Rockstar Games, and released in late 2018, RED DEAD REDEMPTION II is the third entry in the Red Dead series and is a prequel to the 2010 release. Set in 1899 in the Western United States, Kaili’s character Susan Grimshaw is one of the original members of the Van der Linde gang who are fleeing after a botched ferry heist. Kaili’s character, ‘Susan Grimshaw’ is the games taskmaster and integral to the plot of the game. Working on the project for 4+ years, Kaili and the rest of the cast became fully immersed in the game as the production team at Rockstar games used mocap suits to capture every little detail and movement of each character. With this popular technique of developing video games, Kaili was challenged to act out an entire video game as if she were on the set of a film.

Growing up in multiple areas of the US, Kaili fell in love with the entertainment industry at a young age when she began doing commercials as a child actor. From there she and her family moved to Utah where she discovered her love of theater in middle school. With a passion for learning and wanting to pursue a career in the arts, Kaili moved to Boston and attend Boston University after high school. After graduating from college, Kaili signed with her first agent and began doing work on various plays and guest spots before landing roles in famed director Woody Allen’s films SWEET LOWDOWN, and THE CURSE OF THE JADE SCORPION, before securing parts in other films such as WORLD TRAVELER, and LIFE: A USER’S MANUAL. Kaili’s esteemed career also includes roles on series including Hulu’s “The Path” ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy,” Netflix’s “House of Cards,” as well as video games like Rockstar Game’s “Grand Theft Auto V.”

When Kaili isn’t busy in front of a camera or participating in a video game series, she loves spending her time as a mother with her daughter and attending yoga classes 6 times a week at her favorite yoga studio which she has been going to for the past 11 years. Kaili has also been a lifelong vegetarian and is a strong advocate for animal’s rights, and cruelty free products.

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