Born in Venezuela, Fernando started out body building and after moving to the US ended up running his own gym by age 20. However, he felt something was missing and he was not following his dream of being an actor. He pursued this by attending classes and working very hard. He caught a break when he was cast in Bad Boys 2 where he had a really positive experience with both director Michael Bay and its lead Will Smith, who he described as being the most humble of people. 

Fernando has an impressive list of credits, having appeared on many major Latin American shows where he played a wide range of characters. Fernando told me that he likes to select his roles carefully. In our interview we focus on his leading role in the Venezuelan horror film The Whistler (original title: El Silbon). The film is based on Venezuelan folklore and although it is in Spanish, you do not need to know the language. It is subtitled, however, the film has been made in such a clever way it spans international boundaries and language. Sit back and enjoy this interview with a really great guy and an actor you will be seeing more of!

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