Breakout musician, Aneesa Sheikh just released her latest new “New Normal”  on September 18th. The song reflects on Aneesa’s very close relationship with her father who suddenly suffered from two strokes in her early teens. The dynamics after the experience changed her life and she found herself adapting to a “new normal” way of living. Being a teen became more of a struggle for Aneesa as the roles shifted and she became the adult and caretaker. The experience brought on an emotional weight as she saw her father in a vulnerable state daily. She reflects on this universal message through her lyrics which empathizes with everyone who is experiencing a “new normal” due to the pandemic which has altered daily routines and has impacted relationships with loved ones similar to her relationship to her ailing father. I had the pleasure of talking to this amazing young lady who is such an inspiration, having set up a foundation to use music as a way of communucation with those in need and over the lockdown had arranged for musicicans to play to hospitals across the US.

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