“1970s Ireland. A young female patient has escaped a psychiatric hospital and rings home from a telephone box – but her parents are waiting for the call.”
That is what we are given to go on for this film short. What it takes you through when you watch is masterful suspense, wondering what exactly has befallen the main character, right through, with small clues dropping, until you reach the end and left feeling a mix of emotion at how something like this could ever have happened. But it did. Shockingly this kind of thing happened in my lifetime. In a world where we have progressed so far, ‘A White Horse’ is a strong reminder that it is easy to slip back into a world of fear and misunderstanding.
Shaun O’Connor is an established writer/director. Having multiple credits under his name, he is a passionate artist, who has fantastic vision for his work. We have a great chat about his inspirations for the film and how he and writer Paul Cahill brought the tale to life.

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