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Season 10

Rhiannon Paige – Country Music Artist

Chris January 19, 2024

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Listen to "Rhiannon Paige, Country Music Artist discusses her career & more" on Spreaker.

In this conversation, I chat with Rhiannon Paige, a UK country music artist. We discuss her journey into country music, the impact of the internet on the music business, her song writing process, and her future goals and aspirations. Rhiannon also shares her admiration for artists like Pink and Casey Musgraves, her favourite songs to perform, and the best advice she has received. The conversation concludes with Rhiannon expressing her gratitude to her fans for their continued support.  


Country music is often misunderstood, but it offers relatable lyrics and powerful storytelling. The internet has had a significant impact on the music business, making it both easier and harder for artists to make a name for themselves. Songwriting is a personal and unique process, with inspiration coming from various sources such as poems and quotes. Never give up on your dreams and be willing to stand up for yourself in the entertainment industry. Live performances and the support of fans are crucial for artists to succeed.  


00:00 Introduction and Background

01:18 Discovering Country Music  

03:09 Differentiating Country Music

04:37 Influences and Inspiration

06:27 Songwriting Process

08:17 Future Goals and Aspirations

09:41 Admired Artists and Dream Collaborations

13:26 Useless Talents and Troublemaking

16:08 Impact of the Internet on the Music Business

18:14 Favorite Songs to Perform

23:04 Best Advice Received

29:20 Upcoming Shows and Gratitude to Fans


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