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From Puppetry to Performance: A Journey with Charlotte Campbell

Chris February 28, 2024

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Summary In this conversation, I chat with Charlotte Campbell, who discusses her career and various aspects of her work as an actress. She talks about her early interest in performing and how she got started in the industry. Charlotte also shares her experiences with puppetry and aerial hoop, as well as her role in a play about domestic abuse. She explains her process for building a character from scratch and how she develops chemistry with her co-stars. Finally, she discusses how she handles emotionally taxing scenes and the importance of preparation and focus. In this conversation, Charlotte Campbell discusses the differences between stage and screen acting. She emphasizes the importance of being fully present and taking risks in both mediums. Charlotte also shares her admiration for actors such as Meryl Streep, Heath Ledger, and Claire Foy, who have had a significant impact on her own acting journey. She offers advice to aspiring actors, encouraging them to trust their instincts, embrace failure as redirection, and always have faith in themselves.
Early experiences and interests can shape a person’s career path.
Acting requires vulnerability and the ability to connect with others.
Building a character involves understanding their emotional life and physicality.
Chemistry with co-stars is developed through active listening and trust.
Handling emotionally taxing scenes requires preparation and focus.
Being fully present and taking risks are essential in both stage and screen acting.
Stage acting requires pacing oneself and maintaining energy throughout a performance.
Film acting allows for subtlety and the capture of micro expressions.
Respecting and supporting the crew is crucial on a film set.
Inspiration can be drawn from actors like Meryl Streep, Heath Ledger, and Claire Foy.
Aspiring actors should trust their instincts, embrace failure, and have faith in themselves.

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