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Emotional Resonance Arielle Bodenhausen discusses her role in Roswell Delirium

Chris March 6, 2024

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Arielle Bodenhausen joins me to chat and discusses her background and multiple roles, including teaching dance and yoga. She shares her transition into acting and her experience working on the film Roswell Delirium. The conversation explores the character of Wendy and her journey as a mother in a post-apocalyptic world. The emotional scenes and subtle references in the film are highlighted, along with the transformation of Wendy’s character. The discussion concludes with a reflection on motherhood and the emotional resonance of the film. In this conversation, Arielle Bodenhausen discusses her powerful and emotional filming experience in the movie Roswell Delirium. She shares how she channelled her personal experiences into her performance and the impact it had on the entire cast and crew. Arielle talks about the challenges of filming intense scenes and the emotional journey her character goes through. She also reflects on the importance of trust and instinct in acting and the valuable lessons she learned from working with veteran actors. Arielle expresses her excitement for future projects and her desire to explore different types of roles.


Channeling personal experiences can bring depth and authenticity to a performance.

Intense and emotional scenes can create a powerful and immersive filming experience.

Trusting instincts and embracing imperfections can lead to impactful performances.

Working with veteran actors provides valuable learning opportunities and insights.

Exploring different types of roles can be an exciting and fulfilling career direction.


00:00 Introduction

00:41 Arielle’s Background and Multiple Roles

05:12 Role in Roswell Delirium

08:37 Wendy’s Character in the Film

12:19 Emotional Scenes and Subtle References

16:04 Transformation of Wendy’s Character

22:23 Powerful and Emotional Filming Experience

23:30 Emotional Scenes and Reconnecting with Co-Stars

24:20 Intense Makeup Process and Waiting for the Final Scene

26:09 Impactful Performance and Marveling at Co-Star’s Work

27:15 Receiving Emotional Moments and Capturing Powerful Scenes

29:21 The Emotional Impact of Wendy’s Storyline

30:19 Discovering the Storytelling Techniques in the Film

32:00 Two Cameras and Seamless Transitions

33:22 Challenges and Most Challenging Scenes

34:04 Takeaways from Wendy’s Character and Filming Experience

36:57 Working with Veteran Actors and Learning from Them

39:14 Future Projects and Shifting Focus

41:45 Final Message to the Audience

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