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Chris November 8, 2023

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  • From Roswell to Elkhorn: Ashton Solecki’s Acting Evolution
    Summary I welcomed back Ashton Solecki to discusses her role as Medora in the TV show Elkhorn and the character’s complex motivations. She talks about the chemistry between the cast members and the strong bond they have. Ashton also shares her personal connection to the setting of the show, as […]
  • Elkhorn Interview: The Honesty and Honour of William Sewell with Elijha Mahar
    I am joined by actor Elijha Mahar who discusses his character William Sewell in the TV show ‘Roosevelt’, as well as the dynamics between Sewell and Roosevelt. We talk about the importance of Sewell’s stabilizing presence in Roosevelt’s life and how Sewell guides him without telling him what to do. […]
  • Elkhorn Interview: From Elkhorn to Deep Within: Matt Wiggins on Character, Music, and Gratitude
    In this conversation, I chat with actor and singer Matt Wiggins as he discusses his role as William Merrifield in the TV show Elkhorn. He describes his character as wise, patient, and driven, and compares him to a big brother figure for Teddy Roosevelt. Matt talks about the strengths of […]
  • Elkhorn Interview: From Scrappy to Kind-Hearted: Unveiling Rosie Maddox with Tori Griffith
    In this conversation, I chat with actress Tori Griffith who discusses her role as Rosie Maddox in the TV show Elkhorn. She talks about her character’s traits and motivations, as well as her preparation for the role. Tori mentions that Rosie is scrappy, ambitious, and kind-hearted. She wants to have […]
  • Elkhorn Interview: Exploring the Flaws and Complexities of Roosevelt’s Character with Mason Beals
    In this episode, I chatted to actor Mason Beal, who discusses his role as Theodore Roosevelt in the show Elkhorn and the challenges of portraying the character. He talks about the character’s origin story and his journey in the show. Mason also highlights the flaws and complexities of Roosevelt, including […]
  • Elkhorn Interview: Who’s Who in the Badlands Jeff Dujardin discusses playing the Marquis de Mores
    I sat down to chat with Jeff DuJardin who discusses his role as the Marquis de Mores in the TV show Elkhorn. We discuss the character’s motivations, his relationship with Theodore Roosevelt, and the dynamics of the show. Jeff describes the Marquis as ambitious, loyal, and cultured. He also talks […]
  • Behind the Scenes: Unmasking Emotions in Roswell Delirium with Kylee Levien
    In this episode, join us as we delve into Kylee Levien’s journey portraying a traumatized yet resilient character in the film. From challenging hospital scenes to the emotional impact of the story, we explore the highs and lows of filmmaking. Plus, Kylee shares insights from her experience on set, including […]
  • Emotional Resonance Arielle Bodenhausen discusses her role in Roswell Delirium
    Arielle Bodenhausen joins me to chat and discusses her background and multiple roles, including teaching dance and yoga. She shares her transition into acting and her experience working on the film Roswell Delirium. The conversation explores the character of Wendy and her journey as a mother in a post-apocalyptic world. […]
  • Roswell Delirium An Intimate Journey with Ashton Solecki
    In this conversation, I talk with actress Ashton Solecki about her role in the film Roswell Delirium and the challenges she faced. She shares her initial impressions of the film and the attraction to the script and story. Ashton talks about the most challenging scene she had to film and […]
  • From Puppetry to Performance: A Journey with Charlotte Campbell
    Summary In this conversation, I chat with Charlotte Campbell, who discusses her career and various aspects of her work as an actress. She talks about her early interest in performing and how she got started in the industry. Charlotte also shares her…
  • The Power of Presence: Dee Wallace on Acting, Writing, and embracing your creative power
    I chat with actress and author Dee Wallace, who discusses her role in the film Roswell Delirium and the emotional connection she felt to the character. She emphasizes the importance of being present in the moment and fully immersing oneself in a role. The film raises questions about aliens, mental […]
  • Film Director Richard Bakewell talks about his new film Roswell Delirium
    Episode Summary Richard Bakewell discusses his film Roswell Delirium, which explores themes of trauma and childhood trauma. The film incorporates 80s references and draws parallels to real-world events like the COVID-19 pandemic and the Cold War. Bakewell shares his casting process and highlights the talented cast, including both established actors […]
  • Rhiannon Paige – Country Music Artist
    Listen to “Rhiannon Paige, Country Music Artist discusses her career & more” on Spreaker.In this conversation, I chat with Rhiannon Paige, a UK country music artist. We discuss her journey into country music, the impact of the internet on the music business, her song writing process, and her future goals […]
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